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TETRA Multicouplers


  • Two to four radios connected to one antenna

  • Precision model with low Insertion loss and highest Isolation according to ETSI EN 300 392

  • Rugged design with milled aluminum chassis and precision N-connectors

  • All radio ports switchable to TMO or DMO (in automatic version)

  • Automatic switchover between TMO and DMO within the multicoupler


The Schnoor TETRA multicouplers allow connecting
two to four TETRA TMO-Radios to one antenna. The design based on hybrid couplers assures highest safety of operation at a very low insertion loss for all connected radios.

With these specifications, the multicouplers are the right fit for installation in vehicles as well as in base stations and are enabling a cost effective operation with lowest space requirements.



TETRA Coupler TMO 2

380 - 395 MHz

Download datasheet


TETRA Coupler TMO 3

380 - 395 MHz

Download datasheet


TETRA Coupler TMO 4

380 - 395 MHz

Download datasheet


TETRA Coupler
TMO 2 + DMO 1

380 - 395 MHz

Download datasheet






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