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  NEWSLETTER 1/2016  

Dear Schomandl partners,

It took us more than half a year to prepare the agreement between Kathrein and Schomandl on the acquisition of the traditional Kathrein VHF products for professional mobile radio. Since January we are shipping the first products with our new brand and manufactured in our new plant in Büdelsdorf, north Germany.
Our mission for the transfer is “change the name, but keep the quality on an excellent level”, and you can be sure that our colleagues in the production department are doing everything to keep this promise. All we want is that you as a PMR user can rely on the most important part of your communication system - period.



Production of VHF antennas in Büdelsdorf plant kicks off

While the transfer process for some antenna models from Kathrein Rosenheim to the Schomandl factory in Büdelsdorf is still in process, we have been able to announce our first shipment – on schedule! ... read more

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Overview of our product portfolio

Do you know everything about our product portfolio? Of course, antennas are the most important part of our offering, but there is much more tailor-made for PMR users!


Schomandl’s traditional business is instrumentation, and there is one allround instrument which is the right match for any PMR engineer: The FIT radio installation tester for fast and reliable measurements on transceivers. ... read more




Very often there is a need to combine two TETRA radios to one antenna, e.g. in control centers or in vehicles, where there is not enough space to mount two antennas far from each other with the necessary isolation. But it is not a   good idea to use a simple coupler or divider: Because of the high requirements on isolation between two radios in the TETRA standard there is a requirement to use one of our precision TETRA couplers to be on the safe side. ... read more

Do you want more information or a do you need a quote for one of our products? Just contact our inside sales team at or your local Schomandl distributor!





Distribution in Central EMEA

We have some good news for all PMR experts, who have been using Kathrein PMR antennas: Your well-established contact persons for will not change. We are happy, that the Distributors Kathrein France (France, northern Africa), Deltronic (BeNeLux), Kathrein Italy and Kathrein Austria will continue to represent the Schomandl products. ESB Sistemas will continue in Spain and Portugal.


New offices in Zorneding

In the last months, space has become an issue also in our headquarter in Zorneding close to Munich. Therefore we will move to a new location, but stick to our hometown Zorneding and move just across the road to Georg-Wimmer-Ring 14, 85604 Zorneding.

Phone numbers and contact persons etc. will not change!

Thank you for staying tuned!

All the best,

Wolfgang Schnoor


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